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Join Customer option besides the Merge Customer option
You could also call this something like “add contacts to customers”.
We have persons emailing issues nowadays and this creates a customer for sender. In fact this should not become a customer but a contact that belong to a customer and can request for support on behalf of that customer. Reports should be customer based and replies sent to these contacts should be copied to the email address of the customer.

E.g. John Smith and Bill Smith having email address j.smith@smith.com and b.smith@smith.com both work for Smith Inc. The company is known as a customers in our CRMdesk database and the email address attached to that company is: info@smith.com. Email to info@smith.com will reach both John and Bill. When a person from Smith Inc. submits a question using the web interface both bill and John will be notified and receive email replies. The nice thing about this is that one knows what the other needs to know. However, in order to give a better support we have activated email integration. Just because people rather submit something by email than by entering it into a web form. And it seems that people like it. But now each person from a company becomes an individual customer which results in to wrong results in reports and it breaks communication between company member within a group of users from the same company.

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Marc Woesthuis
Date Created
1/2/2008 1:17:06 PM
Date Updated
1/2/2008 1:17:06 PM
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