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CRMdesk integration with TeamDesk
What is TeamDesk?

TeamDesk is a web-based service that enables teams to easily design web based database applications or use predefined solutions to gather, share and manage business information.

How integration works?

We will create a TeamDesk application with predefined tables containing dynamic snapshot of your CRMdesk license data. Since TeamDesk applications are fully customizable you can easily extend this application to fit your specific business needs.

What are the benefits from using integration with TeamDesk?

You'll be able to automate different parts of your specific business (for example, customer assets tracking, generating invoices based on the question data and much more) while tracking customers correspondence in CRMdesk. Since TeamDesk has more advanced report system you will be able to create complex reports based on CRMdesk data if needed.

To give integration a try please contact CRMdesk support.
Support Desk
Date Created
8/15/2006 10:10:12 AM
Date Updated
3/4/2015 11:34:52 PM
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