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E-Mail Interface overview
  Mail Interface
Date Created
5/16/2003 1:20:53 PM
Date Updated
6/14/2012 7:17:45 AM
What is E-mail interface?
Users may send their questions or requests not only through a standard entry form, but via email also.
The system identifies registered customers by email address in the "from" field. If the system doesn't find such customer, it automatically creates a new one with this email address. The system then creates a new question for this customer or updates an existing question if the subject contains existing question number next to the pound sign, such as "#123".
It is important to keep the issue number anywhere in the "subject" line in order for the discussion thread to be updated. The subject itself may be changed, as long as the number stays unchanged.

Customer notification URL contains customer information. It allows for the system to login customer automatically, even if he/she is a new customer who didn't register using login form. This customer had been already automatically created when the system received an email from him/her.
When encrypted login information will be stored in cookies at least once, the customer will be logged-in.
He/she will be able to reply both ways - through the customer desk or via email, and the system will place his/her replies to the right place.
Email request may contain attachments. Attachments will be also integrated with an appropriate question or request.

To configure Email Interface please follow "Mail" link on the "Setup" tab.

E-Mail interface setup is easy.
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