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CRMdesk backup tool
The purpose of the tool is to download online CRMdesk data to the local machine for backup/off-line view purposes. Using this tool you may schedule regular incremental backups to your local computer to completely automate backup process.

Of course, we continue running global database backups daily as we normally do, so this backup tool is only needed to comply with some companies' policies when it is absolutely necessary to keep the local copy.

CRMdesk backup tool is provided "as-is" and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 is required to run the tool.

Follow the link to download and unzip the executable: crmbackup.zip

Run the executable from the command line and supply at least 3 arguments: license host, user name and password. We would recommend to run CMD mode first and copy / paste the command string with the parameters into a command prompt screen, as in this case the command window won't disappear immediately in case if you messed with the parameters.

Here is an example of a basic command string:

C:\crmbackup\crmbackup.exe -l=mycompany.crmdesk.com -u=admin -p=***** -v

Substitute values following equal sign for -l, -u and -p with your license host name, administrators user name and password.
-v (verbose) parameter instructs CRMbackup to produce a progress report.

The tool scans all the articles and questions in the CRMdesk license for the records changed since the last tool run and writes changed data locally in HTML format. File attachments are also downloaded. The tool operates according of the user account privileges, passed in the command line, therefore, to perform full backup, the account should have access to all the data.
No changes will be performed on the CRMtrack license data during the backup process.

The data will be backed up to the "current" folder, unless an optional "-folder" parameter is specified.
You may also set current folder using "cd" command within the command mode.

A command window will stay open until the backup is complete. You may cancel the process at any time by pressing CTRL+C. Backup will continue from the right place next time as it saves the "last download" info in the index.xml file. If this file is missing, the backup will start from the very beginning.

You may run crmbackup.exe from the command mode without arguments to see quick help:

crmbackup options:

-license=license - license host (required)
-user=user - CRMdesk user's login (required)
-password=password - CRMdesk user's password (required)
-folder=folder - full or relative folder name (default: current folder)
-xsl=xsl - full or relative path to XSL file (default: html.xsl)
-debug=question# - fetches question with specified number for XSL debugging
-verbose - display progress messages (default: off)

You may abbreviate options to a single letter.

The following options are used to connect via proxy server (experimental):
-ps=server Specifies server name to connect
-pu=username Supplies credentials for proxies
-pp=password that require authentication"
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6/25/2010 3:18:28 PM
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